Why not Wind?


Now who doesn’t love the feeling of wind blowing through their hair on a perfect autumn day? Well, did you know that same wind could power everything in your home for free? I know what you’re thinking, that’s crazy, there is no wind underwater, that picture doesn’t make sense! My response…, it’s a spongebobical metaphor, deal with it. But seriously, wind energy could be exactly what we need to get us out of the energy crisis everyone is talking about. According to DOE’s National Renewable Energy Lab, 80% of electricity in the U.S. could be supplied by renewable energy (much of which is wind) by the year 2050. 80%!!! That’s like a lot. By 2050!!! That’s like tomorrow. Wind is such a good option as an alternative energy source, so why isn’t wind the leader in energy supply? Why is it so rare we see wind farms? Why did wind energy account for a minuscule 1.36% of the total energy supply in the U.S. last year? Wind is great in theory, but it aint perfect. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Clean
  • Cheap
  • Power is free once framework is built
  • Can be used anywhere


  • Environmental damage- deforestation, kills birds
  • Wind can be inconsistent
  • Noisy, Eyesore
  • Requires a lot of area/space for turbines

So is it worth it? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Obviously, the answer right now is no. 😦   One of our goals as environmental leaders moving forward should be to figure out a way to make wind the best source for alternative energy. 🙂   In conclusion, Wind Power has the potential to play a key role in U.S. energy supply, but it needs to be greatly improved.




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