Alternative Energy and Me

Alternative Energy and Me

By Brendan Mulry

The purpose of Alternative Energy and Me is to provide only the finest and most accurate updates in the world of new discoveries in the alternative energy sector. We will dive into the key effects of major alternative energy sources (such as wind, solar, and hydrogen fuel cell energy) on the environment.  As the population of the world increases, we have to find new sources of energy in order to live sustainably. With the world struggling to find a solution to the heavy burdens of greenhouse gases and climate change, Alternative Energy and Me tries to report some simple everyday solutions that can help our Earth. Our blog will offer how to protect the environment that we love so dearly from harmful carbon emissions. As part of our blog, we will also introduce how alternative energy has been incorporated at Villanova University. With our strong team of Brendan Mulry, Stephanie Sanchez, Kate Dolan, and Tommy Muccifori, we promise to alert all of our readers with only the best alternative energy advice and information in the world.


Week of 10-21

Introduction Post/ Create Blog- Brendan

Stephanie- Solar Energy

Week of 10-28

Tommy- Wind Energy

Kate- Tidal Energy

Week 11-04

Brendan- Hydroelectric Power (Dams)

Kate- Geothermal Energy

Stephanie- Interview with a professor at Villanova University to talk about sustainable energy on campus

Week- 11-11

Tommy- Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Brendan- Biomass Energy in Business and at Plantations

Tommy/Kate- Little things around the house that people could do to help conserve energy/ Wrap up blog


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